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Diana Cooper is well known for her spiritual books.

Diana has written books about angels, Archangels, unicorns, all elementals including fairies and Ascended Masters. Her Spirit guide Kumeka, who has given her information about the orbs, Atlantis, the Spiritual Laws, ascension and enlightenment.


Dear Friends,

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I am absolutely delighted that my new book Venus, A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel is doing so well. Thank you all of you who have ordered it.

Please click HERE to order your copy.

I have had some wonderful feedback from readers and I continue to blog about Venus in my monthly newsletter.

I really loved doing a two hour on-line seminar for Hay House on Connect with Angels to help the Animals. Rosemary Stephenson came down to my house to play her magical crystal bowls to back it and sing in the angels. Connect with Angels to Help Animals with Diana Cooper .

Now that the entire planet has moved into the fourth dimension we are on track to be fully in the fifth dimension by 2032. We need as many people as possible to live in the upper levels of the fifth dimension, so let’s keep polishing our 5D chakras.
Relax and enjoy the angel blessings pouring onto you this summer,

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We have stories, games, puzzles, things to make and competitions for you to enjoy and there will be new ones up every month.  There is also lots of information about angels, elementals, unicorns and Masters for you or your adults to check out.


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