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Questions answered by Elizabeth Ann, Penny Wing & Susan Rudd

Due to the number of questions Diana receives she has decided to publish and answer a selection of questions that have been sent into the website.

Diana is no longer answering questions and has handed it over to Elizabeth Ann Morris principle teacher in the Diana Cooper School, Penny Wing and Susan Rudd who are experienced Master Teachers of the Diana Cooper School.

10 Commonly Asked Questions


Dear Diana, I am concerned as to how the crime rate is, or not, going to be effected by the vibrational changes to the Earth. It seems like a time of huge change and unknown outcomes. Please spell out clearly if you are allowed to by the Powers you work with , how can we safeguard our children and animals, and ourselves, if the Darkness tries to upset, physically attack or in an unknown way confront or confound us?... Continue reading »

Helping my child

I am trying to settle my son into nursery, he is doing well and I always ask Michael to take away any fear and to comfort him and the other children. Today he was inconsolable and I had to bring him home. I also asked mother Mary to be with him and gave him some reiki. Why did this happen and can you give any advice for the future? Catherine Dear Catherine, Your little son is a very sensitive soul and he picks up all the energies round him, from ... Continue reading »

Help for gifted children

Thank you and bless you Diana. I believe my 14 yr old son is a crystal from Orion. When he goes to school I send protection from the Archangels, namely Michael, Gabriel and Metratron. I have found grounding us with Archangel Sandalphon is also beneficial. More recently I have asked Masters from Orion to assist him and help him shine. Even more recently I have asked Unicorns to lift our energy which is lovely. He is aware of crystals and Orion and has always had an amazing knowledge about space ... Continue reading »

The future

With all the World Wide Uncertainties, of Political Unrest, Global Warming, is the Spiritual Forecast for the next couple of Years encouraging for the Human Race?” Susan Dear Susan, If you focus on uncertainty, political unrest and other fear inducing factors you will energise them for everyone. The entire planet and universe is on a journey to the fifth dimension, so the spiritual forecast for the human race is very good. We are moving towards a new Golden Age. However many individual may have a very challenging transition as the ... Continue reading »

Colours of the 12 chakras and IVF babies

I was wondering if you could clarify the colours for the 5th dimensional chakras please? I have read/ heard conflicting information. I read something you wrote recently that stressed the importance of working with the 5th dimensional chakras & that many practitioners are holding themselves & their clients back by working with the 3rd dimensional chakras. I do crystal healing so it would be really helpful if you could also give the associated gemstones/ crystals for each chakra. Thank you so much, in advance. I love your work & I ... Continue reading »

Ectopic Pregnancy

Hi Diana I have already purchased 4 of your books in the past three months and all have been a delightful read and I have learnt a lot. My story begins in September 2010. I found out that I was pregnant. Numerous scans couldn’t pick up any signs of the foetus forming in my womb. Eventually at 1 and a half months my gynae decided I had a miscarriage and did a d&c. To his horror, my blood tests still showed that I was pregnant after the operation. He carried ... Continue reading »

Preparation for the future

Hi Diana, I am not sure if I am being sent messages by the angels or whether fear is getting the better of me. I have read some frightening things lately about the need for preparation for a financial crash where all money could become useless and fear, panic and subsequent rioting could cause widespread food shortages and a break-down of life as it has been. I have three children and have been sent into a panic by these messages and do not know what to make of them or ... Continue reading »

How to help people with dementia?

Dear Diana, From a spiritual perspective is there a reason why so many elderly people are succumbing to Dementia?

Is it so that the person, family and care staff can learn lessons in giving
and receiving unconditional love despite the obvious challenges involved?

I have recently tried to help a family member who is confused, frustrated and very disorientated, by visualising a source of healing blue light in her room. However, some days I seem to be at a loss as to how to offer spiritual and other support to a much loved ... Continue reading »

Orbs and UFO’s

Dear Diana, I know some orbs represent different angels but are some orbs reflections of planets in the universe or portals leading to different dimensions? They say, there are many different dimensions round Earth. Is this how UFO’s appear and disappear so fast? I know you like the subject of UFO’s as I do. We have both experienced them. I have heard that Aliens leave messages in Crop circles. What do you know about this? Love Lorna xx Dear Lorna, Orbs are angelic beings who have lowered their frequency to ... Continue reading »

Mistrust of orthodox medicines

Hi Diana Could you help me to understand why I have an inner fear / distrust of orthodox medicines, i cant seem to get beyond the power struggles that go on with the sales of medication and control over orthodox medical treatment. I am a channel for energy healing and my faith is in universal/Angel healing. An uneasy feeling comes over me if I have to go to the doctors or hospital as its almost like i am showing a lack of faith in energy healing. How can this be ... Continue reading »

Latest Reader Questions

Life Paths

My son has recently passed away suddenly without signs of  illness. He was 34 yrs old, had a good career and was well liked. He went in cardiac arrest while playing Golf.It was found that his arteries were blocked. I am shocked and distressed and so is his brother. My son was the most precious person to me.Was this meant to happen? Where is he? Is he around us and well? I am worried. Hola Thina Firstly I am very sorry to hear that your son has passed over so unexpectedly and at ... Continue reading »

An Old Soul

Hello Diana! I’m a 15 year old living in Pennsylvania. For a while now I’ve been doing…things that aren’t something I think is normal for most people. I guess you could call them abilities, and they’re starting to scare me a bit. I’ve been able to perform things, and I have no idea how I am doing it. One person I told them about (I cloaked that it was me by saying that I saw someone doing these things) said that they may be a human angel. I don’t know ... Continue reading »


Dear Diana and colleagues I’m very new to the Angel journey & slightly afraid that I’m ‘making it all up’ in my own mind, seeing things into my Oracle cards to suit me & seeing feathers which might just be from a passing bird! Sometimes I’m confident I’m learning and will eventually connect with the Angels and other times I think I’m a nutcase! What I want more than anything else right now is for my lovely best friend to be well. She’s just been diagnosed with breast cancer, has ... Continue reading »


What Angel helps fight depression? Dear Friend You can call on Archangel Raphael who is the Angel of Healing and also Archangel Zadkiel. Zadkiel is a custodian of the Violet Flame of Transmutation. You can ask him to use the violet flame to clear any lower energies and blocks. We now have many variations of the Violet Flame available to us. If you ask Zadkiel to use the Silver and Violet Flame this will clear the lower energies and replace them with a lighter more joyful energy. Angelic Blessings Susan... Continue reading »


Hi, I feel quite happy in my own company but lonely around others and this feeling has been around with me since I was a small child. I also feel I don’t belong on the planet and separated from others which leads to feelings of not being loved or important (I am not the one to make friends with just anyone). And this feeling started since I was a small child. I did feel neglected by my parents and I have forgiven them. I am 29 years old and still ... Continue reading »


Thankyou Diana, From when I was 15yrs of age I realised I had (3) three names. 1. The name I was called (Maureen) and still use today. 2. The name that is on my birth certificate (Maria). 3. The name given to me (Indigenous) by my family (we are only known by one name (no surname). Is there a reason for this? Thankyou Diana Dear Maureen, The name that we use is vitally important as each letter of our name carries a vibration which is bringing us a lesson. Our ... Continue reading »

Meditation to CDs

Hello, I want to know if I am doing the meditations correctly…….I am always relaxed and rested after doing them……but I often fall asleep towards the middle ….definitely before the end of them now…….. I’ve done each of them several times…..today I woke up at the very end of the Arch Angel Michael CD when it was finishing the music at the end…. I can’t tell you how much they have helped me relax, and refresh, and in every sense give me hope…….. I didn’t want to post this on ... Continue reading »


Dear Diana, I have been in a very dark space for the last few years due to unemployment and relationship troubles, no matter how are I pray I seem to be stuck. I keep asking for my angles for help as I know i am getting so depressed that i cannot see the wood for the trees anymore, I am 38 and my career is falling apart, my self esteem is rock bottom, at this stage of my life i thought i would be married with a child, I see ... Continue reading »


Hello Diana, Although I consider myself a conscious being, although I love what I do most of the time I still struggle to make ends meet financially. What can I do to manifest greater abundance and prosperity in my life? Maybe there is something I just don’t see, some kind of blockage I’d like to transform and heal. Dear Friend, The answer to having greater abundance is to express thanks and gratitude for all that you have. Focus on the positives in your life and thank the angels. The more ... Continue reading »

Mother Daughter Relationship

Dear Diana, I am trying to help my mother for 25 years now but she still the same emotional and financial the same. she tries to hold on to us children through emotional blackmail telling us that one day we are not going to see her if she dies we will cry unconditional that the pain not going. Our lives me and my brothers and sister are not good to we try to survive we are in our 40’s and I do not understand why she does that. She separated ... Continue reading »