Diana’s Monthly Message

 January 2017

Visualization to Prepare the World for Ascension…

1. Choose a quiet and peaceful place and light a candle if you can.

2. Invoke your soul group, all those who originate from the same monad, to surround you. Have a sense of the many beautiful energies who are with you, supporting you.

3. Together you are part of a multi-coloured flame of intense and glorious light.

4. Allow this flame to anchor in a part of the world that is calling you.

5. Know that you are helping to clear and prepare the world for ascension.

6. Then step from the flame as an individual again.

7. Be aware of light shining from your heart and radiating in all directions.

8. You are one of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Love. You see and spread Christ consciousness wherever you go.

9. Stand tall as a walking master.

10. Open your eyes and smile.