Diana Cooper’s December 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends, I can hardly believe it is the Christmas season again. Time has flown so quickly this year – another indication that the frequency of the planet is rising. Time in the third dimension is tediously slow but in the fifth it accelerates rapidly. We are so blessed to be on Earth at this time of incredible spiritual opportunity. The Christ light always pours into Earth through a sacred portal on Christmas Day and over this Christmas period it will flow in at a faster frequency than ever before. ... Continue reading »

Diana Cooper’s November 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends, These are such exciting, yet challenging times. The frequency is rising breathtakingly rapidly. The angels always say, ‘Look how far you have come. Don’t waste energy struggling to see the future.’ So here is a brief synopsis of our speedy acceleration. In 1987 we had the Harmonic Convergence, marking the start of the 25-year period of purification of the planet. Humanity was sent the 5th dimensional Violet Flame to help transmute the old stuff. A crack appeared in the Stargate of Lyra and a few 7th dimensional unicorns ... Continue reading »

Diana Coopers October 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends, September 9th, 9.9.9, saw a massive rainbow portal pouring high frequency light onto our unresolved issues. This extraordinary light has been showing up every stain in our essence. Furthermore, many people, myself included, have been struggling with lots of challenges all happening at once. Every number holds a vibration out in the cosmos that influences us. 9.9.9 is particularly powerful and marks endings. It may be the end of a particular phase, time to resolve unhelpful patterns or beliefs (We attract exactly what we believe), a move, completion ... Continue reading »

Diana Cooper’s September 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends, I love September because it is my birthday month and I know that the angels always sing over you on your birthday to remind you that you are so welcome on Earth. They sing of your inner beauty and divine magnificence and to remind you that they are always with you and love you. We are incredibly lucky to be here on this beautiful planet. I am busy working on amazing dragon cards and have finished next year’s book, The Archangel Guide to the Natural World, as well ... Continue reading »

Diana Cooper’s August 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Every time I turn the news on there seems to be some horror story playing out. We were warned by spirit that as the high frequency energies started to pour in, people who were unbalanced would go over the edge. Only someone who is mentally and emotionally split could do some of the things currently being perpetrated. I can only look at what has been taking place from a spiritual perspective. Firstly at a soul level we write our lives and deaths, so all those who were killed ... Continue reading »

Diana Cooper’s July Newsletter

Dear Friends, This has been an exciting month with the summer solstice at the full moon, a sign of prosperity, bounty and good fortune. Relax and expect good things!! What a lovely portent for the month. I know that I am buzzing with ideas and projects. The Archangel Guide Mastery and Enlightenment written with Tim Whild and with a CD pack containing 3 CD’s of very high frequency meditations is now published. The feedback we received from the previous book, Archangel Guide to Ascension, was that it was the most ... Continue reading »

Diana Cooper’s June Newsletter

Dear Friends, What a busy month. I’m glad most of the retrogrades have turned and delighted that the builders have finished working inside my house, though not in the garage. Soon I’ll be able to get in and unpack the boxes in the garage! I’m getting quotes to get the garden sorted but in the meantime an ornamental wall fell down and I turned my hand to concreting the bricks back again. I have to admit it was rather hard work and is not very straight but I’m sure a ... Continue reading »

Diana Cooper’s May 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends I love the Spring when the bluebells are in flower. Not only are they gorgeous but Archangel Michael is always close there. And the white blossoms draw in Archangel Gabriel to connect you to purity and new beginnings. And then the pink cherry blossom and magnolia bring in Archangel Chamuel spreading love. My new house is in a road lined with glorious blossom trees so I feel very blessed and even more charmed that I am one minute walk from beautiful countryside. My new home I have been so ... Continue reading »

Diana Cooper’s April 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends, I love April when the leaves are beginning to burst with the yellow green colour of hope and renewal. I adore the pink blossom which indicates that new love is pouring into the planet. Most of all I really appreciate the fact that everyone looks more cheerful when the sun starts to shine. There is a surge of spiritual energy coming in to match the Spring energy, so expect the new, look out for opportunities. Hold onto your vision. For many who aren’t even thinking about it love ... Continue reading »

Diana Cooper’s March 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends What a month it has been! Talk about the new fire monkey moon making things move. I was on the coach to Heathrow when I got a call saying could I move out of my house in ten days! I put it out of my mind while I was in Zurich and we had a fabulous workshop. Such great participants and I loved it! Then home to frantic sorting out and moving mode. Despite much help from the angels as well as children and grandchildren, there was still ... Continue reading »