Angel Answers

Angel Answers
Angel Answers
Did Jesus and Mary Magdalene marry and have a child?
Where was his angel when my child was drowned?
Is same-sex marriage spiritually permissible?

Many people find the world and all the things that happen quite unfathomable. There are so many secrets and mysteries. As I answered questions that they asked me I realized that we all feel safer when we know the truth and understand the reasons why things happen. When we know that there is a higher and broader perspective, life starts to make sense.

So I asked the angels for their perspective on many questions. The angels give their answer to these questions and hundreds of others in my fascinating book, Angel Answers. I have recorded the angelic perspective on the challenges of our time from euthanasia to genetically modified foods. The angels offer responses to social questions about teenage drinking, abortion and old age, as well as current political and economic problems I address the often asked query, ‘Why does God let bad things happen?’ and discuss into birth and death, dreams, karma and life purpose.

This book brings you enlightenment, peace and spiritual understanding and contains exercises, visualisations and prayers to start changing that which needs to be changed.

Here are a few of the questions that the angels answer.

      How much free choice do we really have?
      Does forgiveness help a criminal?
      My son is disabled. Why him? Why me? It’s so unfair.
      How can I find my life purpose?
      Which is the best religion?
      Did Jesus and Mary Magdalene marry and have a child?
      What happens to your spirit when you die?
      What are the spiritual effects of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes?
      Is abortion spiritually wrong?
      Is it spiritually correct to turn off life support when a person is in a persistent coma?
      What is the best way to help someone on their deathbed?
      Where was his angel when my child was drowned?
      Is there ever a case for euthanasia?
      Is there any point in sending flowers to funerals?
      Is it better to be cremated or buried?
      Is it the spiritual right of every woman to have a child?
      What is the spiritual perspective on organ transplants?
      Do multiple vaccines cause autism?
      What do the angels think about failed marriages?
      Is same-sex marriage spiritually permissible?
      Why are some people born rich and others poor?
      Why would a baby choose to be born, only to die within days of poverty or starvation?
      Do animals have souls?
      Why did 9/11, the Twin Towers, happen?
      Why are there so many multiple births?
      How to connect to your angel
      Why are there so many angels now?
      Why are there so many autistic children and how can we help them?
      Why is there so much cancer right now and what to do about it?
      Is allopathic medicine beneficial overall?
      Why are there so many people in the world and where do they come from?
      Is there life on other planets?
      Have I been with my animals in other lifetimes?
      What happens when you die?
      Why does life seem so unfair?
      I sometimes smell my granny’s perfume, is it her?

A reporter came to interview me soon after the book was published. He said that it was a huge relief to him to understand all the things that had been a complete puzzle before.

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