The Keys to the Universe

Diana Cooper – The Keys to the Universe
Diana Cooper – The Keys to the Universe
The entire book Keys to the Universe is fifth dimensional. As you read and work with it you are held in the fifth dimension and this helps your ascension and that of others around you.

When we were writing it we had the awesome experience of being visited by Source to tell us how important the book is. I describe this experience in the book!

It was only in 2010 that the energy and information shared in this book became available to humanity, so it is new and unique. The wisdom is to prepare us for the Transition years between 2012 and 2032, the start of the new Golden Age.

In The Keys to the Universe we share information about the 48 Keys to universal knowledge and the 2 cosmic Master Keys. Each Key has a sound which attunes you to the wisdom within the Key and these sounds are recorded on the accompanying CD.

There are two Cosmic Master Keys held in Hollow Earth and Sirius. The music for these is an extraordinary and beautiful orchestration of the sounds of all the Keys. They link you into a wonderful high vibration that enables you to attune to the Cosmic Master Keys.

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