Diana Cooper – Ascension Through Orbs
Diana Cooper – Ascension Through Orbs
I was talking to my friend Kathy Crosswell when the candle we had lit started to flicker wildly. We realized at once that our guides and angels were trying to contact us, so we both closed our eyes and waited for a message. We were both told the same thing. We were to write a book about Orbs.

Neither of us knew anything about Orbs other than strange balls of light had been appearing in photographs, especially digital ones but our guides and angels said they would train us about them. They told us that the angels have long said that they would give us physical proof of their presence and now they have done so through the Orbs. They impressed on certain technologists to create digital cameras at a frequency the angelic realms can access. The angels can lower their frequency to impress their light bodies in a circular shape on the photographs. These were the Orbs which contain the angelic energy and continue to radiate light and messages after they have been pictured.

People started to send us hundreds of Orb photographs and the angels taught us to translate them and the messages they were transmitting! I was working a sixteen hour day and they poured energy into me so that I was buzzing all the time. It was awesome and fascinating.

There are many Orb pictures with explanations on this site. In addition Enlightenment Through Orbs explains all about Orbs, how you recognize the different Archangels and angels, elementals and unicorns in them. Ascension Through Orbs offers all you need for ascension, with fabulous Orbs of all the Archangels who are helping to develop the twelve ascension chakras.

We receive many e mails and calls from people who are now seeing Orbs with their physical eyes.

Looking at Orbs can transform your life and open you to enlightenment and ascension.

Enlightenment Through Orbs
Enlightenment Through Orbs

Enlightenment Through Orbs

~ The Awesome Truth Revealed
~ Printed edition £9.99 ~

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Diana’s latest book, Enlightenment Through Orbs, which she has co-written with Kathy Crosswell, provides us with a unique and important insight on Spirit Orbs, or the “orb phenomenon”.

Every Orb is a key to a specific energy. Some offer healing, love and enlightenment. Others give you special attunements. A few are portals to the universe.

The spiritual hierarchy have been indicating for some time that they would soon show themselves physically to humanity. And now they have done so! The angels connected with certain technologists who were working with digital cameras to ensure that the vibration of the photographs matched a frequency the spiritual hierarchy could access, so that their light bodies could be captured on camera. As a result you can now see spirit with your own eyes. The technologists would probably have been surprised at the role they had played in this divine project!

Their angels and guides approached Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell, asking them to work with them on this project with Orbs. Diana and Kathy examined thousands of Orb photographs, while the spiritual hierarchy taught them who they were and why this was happening now. They revealed huge amounts of exciting information which are shared in Enlightenment Through Orbs.

In Enlightenment Through Orbs – the Awesome Truth Revealed, Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell show you Orbs of various angels, archangels, unicorns and the higher angelic hierarchy, even a seraphim. There are Orbs of spirit guides, fairies, pixies and other elementals. And they share information about these beings and the stories behind their appearance.

When you look at the Orbs in Enlightenment Through Orbs you will receive:

  • Specific energies to enlighten you and transform your life
  • A connection with unicorns, angels, archangels and fairies
  • Tools for confidence, love, empowerment, spiritual expansion and hope
    Expanded enlightenment


Meditation – Ascension Through Orbs Meditations (double CD)

(Findhorn Press)
Ascension Through Orbs Meditations (double CD), by Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell

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World-renowned author Diana Cooper and spiritual teacher Kathy Crosswell guide you on an inner journey to accelerate your path to ascenion in this double CD.

Each of the 2 CDs (one by Diana Cooper and one by Kathy Crosswell) feature four meditations extracted from their Ascension Through Orbs book. Each meditation focuses on an Orb photograph showcased in the enclosed booklet.

Running time 2hours 10 minutes approximately.

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If you have any Orb Pictures please email them to orbs@dianacooper.com – due to the large number of pictures we receive please send only your three best Orb pictures. A selection will be posted on the site with Diana’s personal insight on them.

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