Spiritual Adventure Trilogy

The Silent Stones
The Silent Stones

The Silent Stones

This book is the first of a trilogy of exciting adventure stories bringing forward spiritual information and symbols from Atlantis.

Marcus, Joanna and Helen meet in India, where Marcus is handed an ancient Atlantean Scroll by a dying Tibetan monk. Its contents hold the key to healing and empowering the world but vested interests using dark powers will stop at nothing to prevent the information from being revealed.

The three are propelled into adventure as they race to get it translated.  Pursued by the monk’s murderers they separate and eventually Helen reaches the sanctuary of the Mahathat Temple with the Scroll.  When the enemy burn down the Temple she escapes with it and the trio manage to reunite and flee to England.

Here they are helped by a monastic group who are descended from Atlantis and the translation of the Great Mysteries of the planet and Illusions that we all live under starts.  They learn they must open the four two way inter-dimensional portals on the planet.

When another attempt is made on their lives, they fly to Mount Shasta to hide.  From there they help energise the moving of one of the lintel stones at Stonehenge, using information from the Scroll.  Finally at Machu Picchu, Peru, the greatest of the portals, they all gather, including the white brothers and the dark magicians of the Elite.  Dramatically Joanna is stabbed and in a climactic battle between the light and dark forces it is her act of forgiveness that allows the light to win.

Specific ancient Atlantean symbols can be used in conjunction with certain notes to clear a grid of energy round the planet.  They are keys, which unlock particular energies so that they can be accessed.  Some open doors to our personal consciousness and others unlock spiritual energies available for our use.

Under the direction of Kumeka my guide these symbols were reproduced for the book.  Look at them and you Will feel their power.

From Diana
I loved writing The Silent Stones.  I travelled to Machu Picchu and Mount Shasta and of course visited Stonehenge and many other sacred sites to experience those sacred places in order to write the story.

To take the magic buried within you and bring it out with wisdom.
To open the deeper mind and expel karmic debt.
To activate the heart and connect people in a way that will open the ley lines round the planet.
To bring friendship to all lonely people and light up the beauty of the Earth.
To combine intuition with love.
To bring heaven to Earth.
To enable you to co-create with the divine.

The Codes of Power

The Codes of Power is the second spiritual quest that Marcus, Joanna and Helen embark on to help the planet.  This time they are in Australia where they live through incredible adventure and challenges as they undertake the initiation of the Codes of Power in order to become a Keeper of the Planet.  They must find the seven pieces of a special crystal ball that held the blueprint for Lemuria and reveals the wisdom of that golden age.  With the help of an aborigine elder they face their fears, fight the dark forces and succeed.

From Diana
In order to gather the information for the incredible quest for the Codes of Power I travelled round Australia for six months and had wonderful adventures myself.  I was privileged to meet several Aborigine elders and their families and visit their schools.  Uncle George is based on one elder I met who radiated wisdom, integrity and love.

The Web of Light

The Web of Light is the latest quest undertaken by Marcus, Joanna and Helen.  A sacred white lion is about to be born and return peace to the world and Marcus and Joanna face intrigue and danger in South Africa as they try to protect the cub from dark forces.  Meanwhile, Helen and Tony are in Egypt learning about deep ancient wisdom before they are inexorably drawn into the adventure.

From Diana
This was a fascinating book to write for the information pouring in to me was extraordinary and it resonated deeply.  Like The Silent Stones and Codes of Power this is an adventure story and can be read on many levels, but if you open up to the higher mystical truths, which are revealed, your spiritual growth will be enriched and accelerated.

Writing the Web of Light took me on an amazing journey of discovery .  Once more I was sent on an adventure quest to receive the sacred, spiritual information interwoven into the book.  This one started in the Timbavati, which adjoins the Kruger National Park.  Here I learnt about the White Lions and went to see some captive ones.  As one of them looked deep into my eyes, I knew that they were important for the healing of that country.  Later my guide Kumeka gave me information about their awe inspiring cosmic role for our planet and I realised that they are among the great beings who illuminate the web of light which cocoons and protects Earth.

I swam with the dolphins and encountered angel dolphins and learnt that they hold the wisdom of pure Atlantis in trust for humanity.

While I was writing the book I travelled to Egypt and explored the sacred mysteries of the pyramids and the Sphinx, their galactic connections and their esoteric links with Atlantis.  I was told it is time for certain ancient keys and codes to be revealed and have done this in The Web of Light.

I also learnt the mystical and sacred truth about Jesus’ life and mission to bring Christ Consciousness to our planet.  I was guided to weave this illuminating information into the book and demonstrate how this cosmic energy is returning to the planet in an unexpected way.  As I wrote, I did not know until the last page whether dark or light would triumph.

The entire experience of writing The Web of Light was extraordinary.  Just as I was completing it, I was surrounded by Unicorns.  I knew nothing about them but every day for a fortnight these shimmering ascended horses were near me, helping me and telling me that they too are part of the angelic hierarchy.