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A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws
A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws

Spiritual Laws

Life on Earth is governed by a set of energies or Laws. There are 33 laws and 3 transcendent ones. They are immutable and firm, so that when we understand them, we can transform our lives into positive, joyful ones. They are rather like the rules of the road. If you do not know them or understand the signs, driving is very confusing and dangerous. Knowing the Highway Code is the basis for a relaxed journey.

In the same way, when you learn about the spiritual laws and follow them, life becomes clear and understandable. This enables you to feel safe and secure. The purpose of entering the School of Life is to master these principles. Then you take full responsibility for your life and become very powerful, a Master of Light.

I have explained the thirty-three laws and three transcendent laws very simply in A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws, so that you can take this step for yourself.

Here is a story from A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws which illustrates the Law of Grace.
Grace allows healing to occur because the high-frequency vibrations of love transmute the lower vibrations of pain and fear.

Felicity complained that her ex-husband was always horrid. One day her boyfriend said, ‘It’s you. You greet him crossly and say awful things about him.’ She was stunned and angry. All day she thought about it and realised her boyfriend was right. She was horrid to her ex-husband. So she sat down and really tried to understand where he was coming from. Then she wrote a long letter to him saying sorry for her attitude over the divorce and forgiving him for all the things he had done. Two days later he came round to the house and was absolutely charming and friendly. He tried to be as helpful as possible about the arrangements with the children. A total change had taken place. The interesting thing is that Felicity had never posted the letter. He felt her change in attitude and responded to it. Her forgiveness and understanding offered grace to the whole family. Everyone felt happier.

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