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Diana Cooper – Venus, A Diary of a Puppy and Her Angel
Venus: A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel

Venus: A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel

Venus is an adorable, mischievous puppy, part terrier, part Papillon who brings joy, delight and learnings to Mum. As a very psychic, sensitive dog she sees and communicates with the angels and shares their guidance and wisdom in her diary. The adventurous puppy manages to find a dead body, is led into trouble by a spirit dog, makes friends with the elementals and meets a rich diversity of people and animals. Stories of the people she knows flow through the pages. Will Elizabeth see her children again? Will Wallace the miniature Schnauzer be rescued when he is kidnapped? Is Cyril the dog or the husband?

As a terrier she loves to chase anything that moves. She says, ‘Then I discover something even more fabulous. There are big brown clucking birds in an enclosure in the garden. Chickens. I race round them barking in ecstasy, my tail erect and every fibre of my being quivering with anticipation. They appear to be terrified and that adds to my delight. Naturally that spoil sport Mum captures me and takes me inside but I expect she’ll let me out again.

My angel tells me hens are very special – wouldn’t you believe it! They just look like dull brown birds to me. She says that all birds come from Sirius but hens hail from a distant asteroid and step down through Sirius before they incarnate. They arrived on Earth in the golden era of Atlantis to offer humans feathers and eggs and to teach them it is good to serve. I feel quite warm towards the chickens when I hear this but it doesn’t stop me wanting to hassle them.’

Venus loves walks in the forest where she becomes part of a human and dog community. ‘I meet my first horse today. They are big smelly creatures, who look like giant dogs with long legs and funny swishy tails and they plod along with people on their backs. How strange? I’m glad people don’t sit on me.’

When Ash-ting the little grey kitten arrives, Venus is jealous but her protective instinct wins and she looks after him until eventually they become best friends. Only Ash-ting can comfort Venus when she is terrified of fireworks. It is Venus who alerts Mum when the kitten is lost and in danger.

This book will open your heart and fill you with hope. If you want to laugh, understand animals and access angelic wisdom Venus, A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel is the book for you.

I hope you love reading about Venus as much as I did writing about her.

With much love

Diana x

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