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There are also many beautiful stories in this kids' section and I hope you will read them to your children and enjoy them.

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Timmy Discovers he’s a Wizard by Jennifer Crokaert (Illustrated by Cathelijne Filippo)

It was a disaster.  Not a disaster like when the biscuit jar is empty, but a proper disaster.  At least, that’s what Timmy heard, while he was playing in the sitting room as his parents watched the news. The town was flooded.  The roads had become huge rivers, so people had to be rescued by boats.  He saw families leave their homes, all their things, and even their toys. Timmy felt himself grow smaller, he felt heavy and gray inside; without saying a word, he slipped off to his room. ... Continue reading »

Isabel’s Story of the path to Heaven and Hell

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Merlin’s School of Divine Alchemy by Aunty Ciara

Merlin’s School of Divine Alchemy written by Ciara Kennedy illustrated by Dag Nygaard. Lisa is thirteen years old; she is short for her age and has long fiery curly red hair. She is a great dancer, a beautiful singer and she can also see into different realities. Lisa has been able to see things other people can’t since she can remember. She sees people who have passed over, fairies and unicorns, and even future events before they happen. Sometimes she sees entire groups of people talking and laughing in the ... Continue reading »

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The Fairy and the Unicorn

Written by Susan Browne & Illustrated by Maggie Waters. Primara was a unicorn and he had spent much of his earth time in the forest. He was very good friends with a fairy called Mooncome. Mooncome was quite small and she would play on his mane and run over his back as though she were running in a meadow.... Continue reading »

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A Letter from Mermaid Melanie to the Children of the Earth by Aunty Ciara

Written by Aunty Ciara, illustrated by Hannah A Brewster. Hi my name is Melanie, I am six hundred and forty seven years old. I live deep in the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. You Earth children may know me as a Mermaid. I have long curly golden hair that falls down around my waist, I have sparkling deep blue eyes and my tale is a rich green with dark blue and bright pink swirling designs. Living deep in the ocean I am surrounded by the most beautiful and exotic sea creatures. I swim ... Continue reading »

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Timmy’s Dragon

Written by Jennifer Crokaert and illustrated by Cathelijne Filippo. Timmy has a dragon friend.   While everyone can see Timmy, not everyone can see Clarisse, his dragon friend.  Sometimes, even Timmy can’t see Clarisse, because he only turns up when Timmy feels bad; if he’s worried, or scared, or confused. It was Timmy’s first day in a new school.  He didn’t know the school.  He didn’t know the teacher.  He didn’t know the children.  He had no friends at this school.  Timmy was nervous.  What if he didn’t like the teacher?  ... Continue reading »

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Meet the Masters: Lady Nada

Written by Jo Boyle & Illustrated by Elisabeth Ek Solheim.  “Come on.” said Samuel, staring at Josh’s alarm clock, “You know the routine by now. Put your toys away and go to bed. We don’t want to be late for the Master.” “Sorry Samuel.” said Josh, leaping into his bed, “I promise to fall straight asleep.” Samuel nodded and as Josh closed his eyes, his angel disappeared into a cloud of sparkles. Josh kept to his word and fell into a deep sleep. And when he finally opened his eyes ... Continue reading »

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Baby Turtle Knows

Written by Susan Browne and illustrated by Hannah A Brewster. Logos was a baby sea turtle. He woke one morning and felt different. It felt as though a light had switched on inside him. The light grew brighter and brighter. He knew that it was time to break out of his egg. Time to climb out of the egg pit and onto the beach, and to go to the sea. Wriggling and stretching he broke through the shell, a little at a time. It was tiring, so he would break ... Continue reading »

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Finding Tír na n-Óg by Aunty Ciara

Finding Tír na n-Óg written by Ciara Kennedy, illustrated by Melanie Mclntyre. Oisín and Niamh are best friends from Doolin, Co. Clare in the West Coast of Ireland. Oisín is 14 years old and Niamh is 12 years old.  They grew up living close to each other and have been doing everything together since they were very little.  They walk to school together, meet for lunch break, hang out after school and even help each other with their homework. Their parents are amazed at how much they love each other’s ... Continue reading »

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Katie’s Story by Aunty Ciara

Katie’s Story by Aunty Ciara, illustrated by Melanie Mclntyre. For twelve nights in a row Katie has had the exact same dream, each night she wakes up feeling confused, as if her dream was more than just a dream. After the twelfth night Katie wondered whom she could talk to about this dream. She would ask her parents but they have never considered dreams important at all, she would guess their reply to be “spend your time thinking about more important subjects Katie”.  She would speak to her school friends ... Continue reading »