The Magical Adventures of Tara and the Talking KittenWhy I wrote the Tara series
One of my young grandchildren was finding life a challenge. She was very sensitive to atmospheres and could feel what was going on without any real comprehension of what was happening. She found it difficult to read situations or people’s responses so she constantly overstepped the mark and was in trouble. She was becoming very frustrated. So many of the children being born now are like this and I wanted to find a way to help her. Many very confident and well-adjusted children are also ready for this information for it can teach them life lessons so they can enjoy life better.

Then the idea for the series about Tara came into my head. Tara is given a wise grey kitten who can talk to her. When she is presented with challenges her kitten tells her what to do, how to behave, how to help the other person. He becomes her guide. This eases Tara’s life, helps her to understand, teaches her about empathy and compassion, and empowers her.

The kitten also introduces her to the angels, unicorns and elementals. Many sensitive children sense, feel or even see the ethereal realms. Some find it difficult to share their experiences fearing adults will be sceptical. (And many adults do disempower children by their lack of interest and their doubts.) Tara’s stories help many children to feel they are okay and life can be magical. They also give caring adults an understanding of the spiritual realms.



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The Magical Adventures of Tara and the Talking KittenLife at home and at school is difficult for Tara. She doesn’t seem to be able to make friends. She doesn’t know how to talk to her dad about things that are bothering her. One day her Granny gives her a little grey kitten, Ash-ting, who can talk to her. Ash-ting tells her what to do and say! Everything starts to change for Tara and she makes friends with a new girl in her class, Rosie. Ash-ting enables her to help her new friend when her parents split up and also to relate to her Dad. Tara experiences a new found confidence and feeling of safety, thanks to Ash-ting her magical grey kitten.

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Tara and the Talking Kitten Meet Angels and FairiesStory 1. Tara, Ash-ting and the angels
When Uncle Steve visits the family he invades their privacy and behaves inappropriately. Tara meets her guardian angel who guides her, while Ash-ting reminds her to tell an adult if ever she is scared. Together the wisdom of the kitten and the angel protect the children. Then Tara’s angel shows her how to get help for an animal in need.

Story 2. Tara, Ash-ting and the Fairies
The ancient oak tree behind Tara’s house is where the fairies, elves and imps all gather. It is about to be cut down! But Tara, Ash-ting and the elementals, with Dad’s help learn about the importance of the environment and concoct a plan to foil the developers. Together they save the tree. Children learn that they can make a difference.

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Tara and her Talking Kitten meet a Unicorn Tara and Ash-ting’s adventures continue in the third book of this delightful series. Tara meets a unicorn and goes on a wonderful adventure with him, Ash-ting and her elemental friends. They learn that a little boy is being bullied, so Ash-ting and the unicorn guide Tara to help him. They also help the bully and his family. Then they find exciting ways to raise money for a village swimming pool and this brings the whole community together.


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Tara And Her Talking Kitten Meet A Mermaid Story 1.  Tara and her Talking Kitten Meet a Mermaid
A unicorn takes Tara to meet the sea creatures who need help. She soon makes friends with Petronella, a mermaid and her seven brothers and they take her to meet the fish, who are angry at the way humans have polluted the water. They want Tara to do something about it! When she returns home a flood threatens the village and she enlists the help of the fairies, mermaids and the unicorn to help save a boy from drowning. Learning from this, she undertakes a special mission to clean up the oceans. With the help of her school Tara and the children in her class build a campaign to raise awareness about the environment. They find they have a voice.

Story 2. Tara, Ash-ting and the Wallet
When trying to help an old lady Tara is wrongly accused of taking her wallet. Ash-ting helps her to deal with the feelings of unfairness and her Dad encourages her to tell the true story. They use what happened to bring their neighbours together and Tara makes new friends.


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Tara Audio CDs
There are six delightful stories on each of these CD’s read by Diana Cooper. They are recorded with sound effects and music and children love them.

All my grandchildren particularly love these CD’s. Finn asked for his own copies as his sister hogged them all the time. Little Maya said she went to sleep with them every night and three year old Taliya phoned me to say that her favourite was the little imp saving Tara from the bull. My other two granddaughters can recite them by heart.

Tara and her Talking Kitten meet her Guardian Angel and other stories CD Click here

Tara and her Talking Kitten meet the Naughty Dragon and other stories CD Click here

Thank you for the first lie-ins we’ve had for years. Since my daughter was given these CD’s she has put them on every morning and is enthralled by them. She does not get up until 8 o’clock and it has been six o’clock until now.
DC, Somerset, UK

My five year old loves the Tara books. When she has a dilemma I ask her what Ash-ting, the kitten, would do and she comes up with her own answer! It has helped her hugely. Thank you. She now wants her own grey kitten!
PF. Boston.

This is the first in a series of Tara books, written to help children understand particular issues they may face. They are not picture books, although there are plenty of black-and-white illustrations, but I think they can be enjoyed by children of all ages – to have read to them or to read themselves as they become more confident. Tara is often cross with everyone and frustrated until she is given a kitten called Ash-ting. Ash-ting ‘talks’ to Tara, helping her understand why her behaviour might be upsetting and how she can be more positive. It’s a great way for children and adults to listen to their inner voice and think about the reasoning behind behaviour, as well as the consequences of what we say and do.
Juno magazine

Finn's Space Adventures


Finn’s Space Adventures introduces children from 8 – 10 to an expanded world. Finn, Agapay and Vaz are three ordinary children who have extraordinary adventures. They are recruited by Captain Ambrose who commands a spacecraft and gives each of them a gift. Finn can create things with the power of his mind. Agapay can communicate with all creatures. And Vaz can make himself and others invisible. These gifts only work as long as they co-operate, support each other and don’t harm anyone. They are sent to other planets and universes on important quests to save the world and to help other beings. They also learn about the spiritual technology of the future and bring some of it back to Earth, creating fun and confusion. They are rewarded with their own fire dragons. Finn’s Space Adventures encourages children to look for solutions that are beyond the obvious and to use their creative imagination. They learn to accept and understand all beings and to transcend lower limitations. It teaches children the importance of teamwork, co-operation and friendship. This is a book that fires the imagination and inspires.


Children’s Angel Cards
Each of these cards has a simple illustration and a few words.
Here are a couple of examples.

Your angels love you whatever you do.
Say to yourself ‘My angels always love me’.

Your angel reminds you that when grown ups are grumpy it is not your fault.
Say to yourself ‘It is not my fault’.

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When these cards came out a lady told me that she looked after foster children and the cards have turned their lives around. She said she now gives them an angel card each morning and their faces light up.

They are thrilled to know that they have an angel who loves them and is looking after them. It has given them a feeling of safety.

A teacher told me that one of the little ones in her class was very anxious. She gave him an angel card and he picked ‘Special Child’

When you feel different from other children you angel sees you are special.

Say to yourself ‘I am special’

He was amazed and it helped him a lot.

I love to hear these stories and I really believe the angels touch children through the cards.

Teenangel Cards
This pack of 52 inspirational cards are for kids from 10 upwards. They are designed to be carried in the pocket of jeans and kids enjoy sharing them.

Each carries a simple quote and an illustration of a teenager, not only do the teen angel cards give guidance but they are a great way to break the ice and get everyone talking.

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River was fourteen and feeling annoyed with his Mum. She absolutely refused to get him a new guitar, saying stupid things like, ‘I’m not made of money,’ or ‘You don’t appreciate what you do have.’ He was on the phone to his friend bitching about it when his aunt arrived with a pack of teenangel cards. He grunted ungraciously and put them down. ‘Well open them then,’ his aunt said when he got off the line. ‘Give them a go. Think of a question and ask the angels for an answer.’

To humour her River opened the pack and asked about getting the new guitar he wanted. His card read, ‘Thank you is the golden key to abundance.’ Those words rang in his head all afternoon. He looked at the things piled up in his room that his Mum had struggled to buy him. He knew he’d never been grateful. Thinking of the angel message and wondering if it was right, he went into the kitchen and thanked his Mum for the new trainers she’d bought him. She was very pleased he could tell. Next morning she said that she and his Aunt would club together to get him the guitar he wanted for his birthday. He was stunned because it was very expensive but he remembered the angel guidance. ‘Thanks Mum,’ he beamed. ‘Thanks that’s brilliant.’

Bella was shy and often felt that no one liked her. She was always left out of parties and hardly had any friends. ‘Why?’ she thought. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ She decided to pull a teenangel card and it read, ‘If you want to be popular, make others feel good.’

At college next day she consciously noticed all the other kids. She commented on her friend’s new hairstyle. She asked a guy whose mother was ill how she was and listened to the reply. All day she thought of others and it felt good. That weekend she got invited to two parties.

A couple of weeks later Bella thought she’d ask a few of her new friends round but she was nervous. Her teenangel card read, ‘Give it a go, what have you got to lose.’ So she did. It was her Mum’s suggestion to pass round the cards, so she nearly didn’t do it. Then while they were chilling out she decided to give that a go. She asked them each to pick a card. She really fancied Finn who was the most popular boy in the class, so she was dreading his reaction. ‘Oh wow, that’s cool,’ he said when he read his card. ‘It says, ‘It’s great to have dreams. Put them into action now.’ And they all sat round discussing the steps he could take to get a job in the diving center.