Message from Diana

Dear Parents

We really hope you enjoy this Children’s Corner.  We offer a variety of tools and stories to help children. For most parents bringing up their children is the greatest spiritual responsibility they will ever have and the children being born nowadays are often more evolved and have different needs from those of the past.  

A great many of the new children are spiritually and psychically gifted and it is important that parents recognise this and nurture their gifts.  Increasingly children are seeing and hearing beings from other realms.  Some have invisible friends or are talking about their experiences with angels, dragons, fairies, masters, spacecraft and a range of beings who operate on different wavelengths.  For some this is confusing and they may need to be to be given a simple explanation about the interconnecting worlds and reassured they are absolutely fine.

Often high frequency children find it difficult to stay grounded or present, especially if there is conflict or low energy around them.  In extreme cases part of their soul splits away and they may become autistic.  The energy around these sensitive children needs to be kept calm and clear, so that they can be who they truly can be.  See exercises to help children stay grounded and to keep your home calm, clear and high frequency.

Many children are not emotionally developed and need to learn how to handle emotions and situations, also to express themselves appropriately if they are to fit into an increasingly complex world.  The Tara stories and exercises that go with them offer adults assistance to help these children.

These books is also a great guide for all children to enable them to help them understand life, other people, animals and the environment.  They also assist them to deal with challenging situations and emotions such as bullying, inappropriate behaviour by others, breakdown in relationships and sibling rivalry.

The current education system is not suitable for the new children who need nature, exercise, freedom and to be educated according to their personal talents.  Some also require help to relate to people.  My books and cards will help them.

My children’s books, cards and CD’s are designed to empower children, inspire them and help them to accept an expanded reality.  They encourage their creativity and imagination.

I hope you will explore my stories for children and that it helps you and them.  Most of all enjoy them.  They are fun and inspiring.

With angel love