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Diana Cooper is well known for her spiritual books.

Diana has written books about angels, Archangels, unicorns, all elementals including fairies and Ascended Masters. Her Spirit guide Kumeka, who has given her information about the orbs, Atlantis, the Spiritual Laws, ascension and enlightenment. Visit Our Shop


Diana Cooper and You

Dear Friends,

It is wonderful to hear from you and there are so many ways you can contact us:
You are welcome to send in your best Orb pictures and every month the Orb team will interpret and publish a selection on the site. orbs@dianacooper.com Please send in your questions. We find there are too many to answer them all, but Penny Wing and Susan Rudd, who are experienced teachers of the Diana Cooper School, are responding to a selection on my behalf. They choose those which they feel will be relevant and helpful to many people, and these are published monthly on the site. questions@dianacooper.com

Penny has been a Master teacher with the Diana Cooper School for a number of years.  Originally from London she now lives in Spain running a wide variety of spiritual workshops and courses. Her passion is spiritual teaching and intuitive counselling and she is looking forward to being able to guide and support people in any way she can when answering their questions. Penny feels it is important that everyone feels supported as we move into the New Golden Age and part of her Sacred Contract is to help others with humour and love in a down to earth, centred way

Unfortunately, I do not have the time for personal readings any longer, but if this is something you are interested in, please visit www.dianacooperschool.com as many of the teachers do offer this service.

Please send us your angel stories as we love to share them with others for hope and inspiration. Elizabeth Ann Morris and I have collaborated in a new book, due out in 2013, called 777 True Angel Stories. It will inspire you and help you tune into the angels and Archangels. All the royalties from this book are going to the Diana Cooper School which is a not for profit organization.

If you have any questions or need assistance about any of my books, cards or CDs, we are waiting to help you with this. We do love to hear from you. Do contact melissa@dianacooper.com.