Welcome to The Childrens Corner…

diana cooperWe really hope you enjoy this Children’s Corner.  We have stories, games, puzzles, things to make and competitions for you to enjoy and there will be new ones up every month.  There is also lots of information about angels, elementals, unicorns and Masters for you or your adults to check out.

Aunties Catherine, Susan and Ciara have been working hard and having lots of fun preparing this.  They have all written stories and so have I, so please let us know what you like.  Lots of other people have helped too.

Many children now have invisible friends, see or sense fairies, dragons and angels and sense atmospheres.  If you are one of these or are sensitive to what is going on around you we hope you will often visit this Children’s corner and tell your friends.
Remember to send us your pictures and comments!

With love from
Granny Diana and her angels

New Games:

Bubble Game

Connect balls into groups of three.

Clever Frog

An interesting puzzel game.

Catch a Butterfly

Try to catch as many butterflies as you can before time runs out.

Mouse Avoider

See how long you can avoid the asteroids in this stylish arcade game.

Snake Mini Game

Guide the snake to the food using your keyboard..


Ascended Masters

Find out more about the Ascended Masters

Angels, Unicorns and Elementals

All about Angels, Unicorns and Elementals

Guidelines for Parents / Adults

For Parents and Adults

Exercises for Tara Books

For adults and Parents

Your Numerology
Before you are born your soul chooses your date of birth.